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Do you ever struggle to figure out how to best wash your windows? Maybe it's been a while since you even thought about washing your windows at all. Your windows can get extremely dirty quickly and if you don't take a close look at them, you might just get used to them being dirty. Until you have some family or friends over for a cookout in the backyard and realize just how disgusting your windows look on the outside.

I spoke with some of my friends at Northwest Glass Act, the go-to Spokane window washers. They are a professional window cleaning service and gave me some great tips on window washing that I know you will enjoy.

Washing your windows doesn't need to be a hassle. In fact, once you get the hang of it, you can actually move pretty quickly from window to window with a little prep time in between. Get a friend or one of your kids to help you with the prep as you go and you can be cleaning like a pro in no time.

Window Washing Techniques The Pros Use

The first thing you should know is that there really are techniques that you should use to wash your windows most effectively. Here are three popular pro window washing techniques:

Window Washing Technique 1: Use a left to right motion. Make sure you have a dry edge on your squeegee. So you are making a left to right motion on the window until you reach the edge, then you lift the squeegee, dry and repeat the motion.

Window Washing Technique 2: Go top to bottom. So you go from the top of the window pane to the bottom, drying your squeegee each time you begin from the top again. This technique doesn't require that you start from the left or right, just go top to bottom and keep the squeegee dry when you start at the top again.

Window Washing Technique 3: The famous super swirl. Yeah, it's fun to say and fun to do... With this technique, the squeegee never leaves the window pane. You don't need to dry the squeegee, because you're not lifting it off the window pane, just make a swirl type motion from the top to the bottom and your windows will be crystal clear and clean in no time.

Window Cleaning Solution

You can go fancy with the cleaning solution or you can mix up your own. Here is a recommendation for the DIYer:

Mix some Dawn soap and a tad of vinegar. Make sure your water is warm to the touch, but no too hot. You can use a gallon bucket to mix in and add about 1/4 cup of the Dawn/vinegar solution to it and you can pour that into a spray bottle to make it easier to use.

Hope those window cleaning tips from the professionals helped you get your windows sparkling clean for your next bar-b-que or if you just want your house to sparkle the best on the block!

house clean

There's a lot of truth to that age-old saying: "Cleanliness is next to godliness." Even the most optimistic among us can find it difficult to keep their spirits up in a dirty surrounding. Bad sights and bad smells can quickly bring you down and keep you there, not to mention making your dearest friends unwilling to visit you, even briefly.

If you're feeling your home isn't as clean as it could be – or if friends and family left negative reviews of your living conditions (tsk, tsk) – it's high time you put on those rubber gloves, grab those cleaning accessories and get to work. ...continue reading "Tips On How To Keep Your House Clean"

washer and dryer

These days, it seems difficult to imagine that not too long ago(okay, maybe a while ago) people were manually washing their clothes. All those hours spent rubbing your clothes against a hard surface near a lake or river... Fortunately, those times are gone, and we can now simply shove our clothes inside a machine, press a button, and drift off as the machine does the work of half a dozen people.

Yet still, there's a world of difference between old, struggling washers and bleeding-tech monsters with more buttons to press than a remote control. For the majority of people, the trick is picking something in-between. ...continue reading "How To Choose A Washer And Dryer For Your Home"


This post is a "little" off my normal topics, but I simply love growing my own fruits and vegetables. Making the most out of your yard is trickier than it looks. Excuses like "I don't have enough space“ or "My soil isn't good enough“ are fairly common among novices, yet an experienced gardener can turn a foot-by-foot piece of rough soil into a small oasis. Well, maybe that's an exaggeration, but you can definitely make do with a small garden, or one that could use soil of a better quality and with less pests. The trick is often having a plan and sticking to it. ...continue reading "How To Build A Raised Bed Garden"


Those with beautiful lush gardens are often said to have a "green thumb". Their yards are frequently subjects of neighbors' envy, especially if those neighbors have a track record of gardening failures. However, there's very little mystery to achieving success with your garden – it's all a combination of being informed and diligent.

That's right – you might have created an awe-inspiring garden, but without constant work every season, year-round, the plants and flowers won't survive long. It's this need for constant maintenance that makes many yard owners opt for a lawn that's as simplistic as possible – neatly trimmed grass and perhaps a few flowers spread throughout. ...continue reading "How To For Trimming Trees"

How To Keep Your Carpets, Rugs And Floors Clean

At first glance, getting some carpets for your floors seems like a great idea. What could go wrong with adding some style and comfort to your home? Unfortunately, home owners learn the hard way that there's a lot more to carpets than them looking good and providing warmth. Namely – cleaning the things.

Whereas you could just swab most floors with a wet cloth every now and then – or whenever they get dirty – rugs take quite a bit more maintenance if they're to stay in good condition. A filthy rug can harbor a seemingly endless amount of bacteria, not to mention the notorious carpet bugs which often act as the main deterrent from getting a carpet, and it can potentially ruin the flooring underneath. To make matters worse, you can't always know whether the filth has been completely eliminated – unlike hard floors, the carpet's surface can be clean but, depending on the thickness, there could be plenty of disgusting stuff lodged in the fabric. ...continue reading "Carpet Cleaning Tips"

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